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Our History:

A little workshop beside Madách Theatre. If you are running to work in the Erzsébet boulevard, you might even not notice it, however, since 24 years the nameboard has shown that western and motor boots can be bought here. If you venture in the court and enter the little workshop, it will also turn out that these are not any kind of boots. “We have all of the ins and outs of making shoes and boots in our genes, because our grandfather was engaged in making boots as well. For today, also the Hungarian western and motor riders have spotted us, more and more people get us to make boots either for horse riding, for motor riding, or simply for wearing it in street. A lot of style exist: simple or ornamental, adapted for winter use or thinner. But there is one thing which all styles have in common: these are Gábor boots made of leather and made by hand with a wooden pin technology. “It fits me like a glove.” It is a comfortable, marvellous wear which is not surprising because we work to private order and on the basis of foot size as well. And one thing which is not a last point of view either: these boots are affordable. Who has not been here yet, but has already flirt with the idea of being the owner of a real motor or western boot, visit us by all means:

Pop in to us and view the shop inside and outside.

Gábor bootworkshop

Budapest,VII. Dstr., Erzsébet blvd. 25-27.

Telephone: 06-1-3423243



Opening hours:

Monday: Closed

Thuesday-Friday:11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.