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When you pull on a pair of GÁBOR Boots you're steppin' to quality. Western and Motorider Boots by GÁBOR are handkrafted by skilled boot makers (from leather with dowel technique) who take pride in carrying on an Old World tradition. And they're designed to be as comfortable to walk in as they are to look at. Proper care will increase the life and comfort of your Boots by GÁBOR. All Western and Motorider Boots come with a fine durable finish that both accents the styling and protects the leather. To maintain this finish, always follow these simple steps:

-Keep boots clean by wiping with a damp cloth. Do not use oils greases, or strong detergents.

-Apply a light coating of quality leather polish/wax/paraffin or saddle soap. At the case of Nubuk leather (polished leather): use waterproof protector.

-Buff with clean, dry cloth or soft brush.

The leather soles and heels of the boots are covered with rubbercoat to insure the wear resistance. If rubbercoats were used up, have them changed in a professional workshop, in time. A little care and protection goes a long way toward increasing the life and comfort of your Western and Motorider Boots by GÁBOR.